5+1 reasons to relocate and build a tech career in Málaga

Benefits of moving abroad for work are numerous. Relocation can help you learn native languages, expand your comfort zone and boost confidence, find new ways of doing things and build a lifestyle, develop cultural awareness, and seize career opportunities that are rare in your home country. Some people are thrill seekers and enjoy the opportunity of exploring the unknown. For some, relocation enables settling in in a place they already feel home.

Besides the common relocation benefits, Malaga tickles the fancies many ambitious tech enthusiasts may seek, and combines it with a joyful lifestyle. In addition, Malaga has elements that make it easier to turn relocation into a happy new normal more quickly. Here are 5+1 reasons why.

1 - Relish sunlight and mild Mediterranean climate

If you google the benefits of Malaga, climate and sunlight appears among the first search results. Indeed, the sun kisses the city on up to 320 days a year. For Nordic people, that means over three more hours of daily sunlight therapy and vitamin D on an annual average. The differences in daylight and temperatures around the year are generally less extreme in Southern Europe, which could help reduce the anxiety of many experiences in the darker and colder fall-winter times.

These are positive things per se, and the considerable benefit of pleasant climate is that it enables a certain lifestyle all year round. If you fancy outdoor activities such as water sports, golf, hiking, fishing, tennis or having dinner on a terrace, Malaga enables you to do these regardless of season.

2 - Enjoy a balanced lifestyle that tickles every sense

Lifestyle in Malaga can be described as friendly, relaxed, high-quality, and modern. Imagine living a life that feels satisfying as a high-five for a great team success, looks beautiful like palm trees against pastel coloured skylines, smells free like ocean breeze, and tastes fresh like cold sangria on a Friday after work. For people who fancy this kind of dream, Malaga could be the place to be.

In addition to plentiful outdoor activities, food has an important role in building a balanced life. Both for body and soul. Spain is known for great cuisine and vivid restaurant culture. Mealtimes are highly valued in Spain and people spend an average two hours longer eating than people in the Nordics. The coastal area has great fresh seafood, and there is a growing number of vegetarian and organic options in the South. To fill cultural hunger, the Southern coastal area is actively hosting events, exhibitions and festivals.

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3 - Join the momentum in the rapidly growing tech scene

An engaging career path is an essential cornerstone for successful relocation. Without meaningful work, it is difficult to build a happiness-boosting life in the long-term. Working with other top experts to solve intriguing digital problems are factors that tend to be deal breakers for tech talent.

Earlier, Malaga area was known mainly for tourism, but the importance of work-life balance and attractive cost of living boosted companies to seek opportunities in new locations to attract brilliant tech talent. The remote working trend accelerated and boosted the development of the technology industry in Malaga. Now, the area is called the Spanish Silicon Valley.

There is definitely tech momentum in Malaga. A couple of years ago Google opened a cyber security centre of excellence in the city. Not long after, Vodafone announced to join the wave and build their R&D centre as well. The local technology centre TechPark attracts an increasing number of tech companies to work in sustainable development and local organisations run initiatives to boost tech investments. An increasing number of software engineers are moving to the area, so for people who are eager to become part of the thrill, now it’s the time to join riding the momentum.

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4 - Get more for the money you earn

Salary is not just about the absolute amount of money but its competitiveness in terms of purchase power. Malaga is a relatively affordable place to live in, and the cost of living is generally lower than in many trending cities in Spain. For example, in 2022 Malaga has been shown to be 18% cheaper than Madrid and 16% cheaper than Barcelona. Compared with the Nordics, the difference is even bigger being at least 30% cheaper than any of the Nordic capitals. More affordable cost of living equals getting more good for the money you earn.

In addition to the lower cost of living, the tax regime in Spain is beneficial for foreign talent. The so-called Beckham law enables people who move to Spain for work to enjoy a flat tax rate of 24% on their incomes. For Nordic people, the difference is rather significant compared with the higher local income tax levels.

5 - Lean on international infrastructure and Nordic community

Some might ask, what is the point in moving somewhere and then just find yourself in a community that mirrors your country of origin? For those who seek to find extreme experiences and go culturally as far as possible, the answer might be that there is no point. On the other hand, if you want to explore the new culture but value a network and infrastructure that can help settle in, support family life, and ease out a possible cultural shock, Malaga could be a brilliant option.

In the whole Andalucia area there are over 773 000 foreign residents. As the capital of the area, Malaga offers a highly international environment and infrastructure for foreign people. There are over twenty international schools in the city and a well-functioning healthcare system. 5When it comes to school systems, Nordic pupils can for example easily continue their Nordic school path in the area. So while there is a specific thrill in being adventurous, there is value in being able to trust in the quality of schooling, hospitals and public transport.

Plus, due to the sizable Nordic population in the area, it is possible to taste the Nordic favourites. You can buy näkkileipä (rye crackers) or salmiakki (salt liquorice) in some well-equipped stores. Just in case you miss them.

+ We are here, join us!

Being biased yet truthful, we at Nieve believe we can offer thrilling career opportunities, an international caring community and support building a dream lifestyle in Malaga. So, all you lifestyle seeking tech experts, software developers and engineers, let’s connect!

Mikaela Nyman
by Mikaela Nyman
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